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Michele Horner interviewed on Beyond the Music Lesson podcast

Michele Horner, BKCM’s guitar department head and author of Life Lens, is featured in Beyond the Music Lesson podcast.

Horner’s book Life Lens: Seeing your children in color illuminates the learning style, pace, motivation and other critical elements that will inform and transform teaching and communication. Both teachers and parents will see the positive home practice results!

Beyond the Music Lesson is an interview style podcast about learning music, teaching music, and parenting music students. Hosts Abigail Peterson and Christine Goodner share from their own experiences growing up learning music, as teachers, and as parents and each episode also features an interview with an expert to help share useful tips and information with listeners.

On Suzuki method and methodology

It’s important to remind ourselves of these core teachings from Dr. Suzuki (courtesy of

The following article outlines some things to keep in mind within the Suzuki Triangle (teacher, parent, child)



Practice violin with recorded piano accompaniments at any speed! is available for Violin Method Books 1 through 10 !

Long desired by teachers and students alike, and finally available after years of development, Accompany Suzuki (R) Edition now offers the most useful and effective tool for Suzuki Method (TM) students to practice Books 1-10, at ANY tempo, with no pitch distortion.  Loop option available for working on those tricky spots.

These are not midi; they are professionally and musically recorded accompaniments crafted by real pianists.  These are high quality sounds files recorded from a digital keyboard and painstakingly edited to perfection.

Accompany Music Suzuki (R) Edition is licensed by the International Suzuki Association and Alfred Publishing.

Violinists: Try it Free today!  Viola and Cello books are in Development and will be available in the New Year.

Guitar students busking for hurricane relief!

Guitar students busking for hurricane relief!

We are proud of our BKCM guitar students who raised $600 for a Houston Suzuki guitar family displaced by hurricane Harvey!  Our students played outside for two hours, giving the gift of music to make a difference in this family’s life.

It took a long time to get the check to them because they don’t have a mailing address since their house was destroyed!  The family drives an hour to get to their Suzuki lessons. We wish them all the best.
Guitar students

“Perfect but not perfect” tuning of the piano

Here is a topic worth exploring for the scientists among us: piano tuning.
These days, pianos are tuned with “Equal Temperament.” However, Bach wrote two books of Preludes and Fugues for
“Well-Tempered Clavier”
Here’s a cute 4 min video that goes very fast, but gets into the math of it! Kind of fun to think about.
When tuned with “Equal Temperament,” pianos are permanently out of tune! See this for more information.