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Suzuki Students Perform at Open Stages 2022

Suzuki Students Perform at Open Stages 2022

The Suzuki Program’s cello, bass, and piano students performed at Open Stages 2022, BKCM’s huge outdoor fundraiser, on Saturday, May 21st, 2022.

We had piano students performing solos, the cello and bass students performing a Play Down Festival, and the advanced cello and bass students performing ensemble pieces like “Hedwig’s Theme” from Harry Potter, “The Pink Panther Theme”, and “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey.

Check out some pictures from this amazing event!

Johnson String Instrument rental questions

Here are answers to a lot of the questions about Johnson Strings rentals, found on their website. Next time you move up a size, now you know you can consider a wooden bow or an upgrade to the next grade of instrument, and how much it will cost. Also, it is good to know that all the money you’re putting into rentals is being banked and a percentage of it goes towards a purchase!

For what types of players are your rentals suitable?

We offer three grades of rental instruments to accommodate players of all skill levels, from beginner to professional. Our Standard Rental instruments are suitable for beginning and intermediate players and are set up and maintained by our staff of professional luthiers to meet exacting standards for playability and tone.

For more experienced players, our Advanced Rental option provides enhanced sound quality via a better instrument and upgraded bow. Master Rentals are finely crafted instruments, many selected from among our sales stock, which are suitable for professional players and the most discerning students.Does the cost of renting go towards purchasing an instrument?

Our Rental Equity Policy allows a portion of what you pay in rent to be applied towards the cost of an instrument of equal or greater value – either from our rental stock or from our sales department.* You may use 100% of the first year’s rental fees (excluding insurance and tax), and 20% of all subsequent rental fees, toward the purchase price.

* Please note: Equity may not be used to purchase bows, cases, electric instruments, or consignment instruments. Rentals are sold as outfits only, with bow and case included. Equity will be valid for two years after the close of your rental account, after which time it may be forfeited.

Can I rent a wooden bow?

Carbon fiber bows are provided for our Advanced and Master levels of rentals. Carbon fiber has all the great playing properties of a wooden stick, without the typical mechanical issues that occur with inexpensive wooden bows. Wooden bows may be substituted by special request by adding a note in the Additional Notes field at Checkout, or by calling 800-359-9351.

Standard instruments come with a durable, lightweight fiberglass bow that works well for beginning students and young children. Carbon fiber (or wood by special request) can be provided for our Standard outfits for an additional fee. ($6/month for violins and violas, $8/month for cellos) Please note that you cannot rent a bow by itself, but only as part of an instrument outfit.

Please Note: Upgraded bows are not available for 1/16 and 1/10 size violins, 1/16 and 1/10 size violas, 1/10 size cellos, and all standard basses.

What do I do if my rental instrument breaks a string or is damaged?

Most types of accidental damage and all broken strings are covered by your rental insurance. Customers are welcome to visit the shop at any time to have a broken string replaced or damaged instrument/bow exchanged. We can also ship a replacement string or instrument/bow. Simply place an order via your online account, or via phone at 800-359-9351. Broken string replacement orders ship for free.

For instruments and bows, the customer is responsible for both outbound and inbound shipping costs. In most cases we will ship the replacement instrument, and the customer would use the same box to ship back the damaged instrument within 2 weeks.

To return instruments, customers are welcome to purchase a prepaid UPS Return Label at Johnson String Instrument standard shipping rates, which are often much cheaper than UPS Store or Post Office retail rates. Information on different types of instrument damage.