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Happy Birthday Dr. Suzuki!

On October 17, 2021, the BKCM Suzuki Community celebrated Dr. Shinichi Suzuki’s birthday with cupcakes, snacks, and music performed by our faculty members!

Cupcakes for. Dr. Suzuki’s Birthday! Photo by Pam Wong

Families gathered to celebrate and even sang “Happy Birthday” to Dr. Suzuki.

Some of our Suzuki families enjoying some snacks. Photo by Pam Wong

Paloma Ferrante, one of our Suzuki Cello Faculty members performed some solo Bach for our families.

Paloma Ferrante, Suzuki Cello faculty. Photo by Pam Wong

Here is Shayna Dulberger, our Suzuki Bass teacher performing “Go Tell Aunt Rhody”, a Suzuki classic.

Shayna Dulberger, Suzuki bass faculty. Photo by Pam Wong

And some of our Violin and Guitar faculty teamed up to perform some Telemann Violin Concerto for four violins. Ty Citerman gave this piece a new sound by jumping in and performing the fourth violin part on guitar!

Nora Friedman, Julianne Carney-Chung, Rebecca Chaqor, and Ty Citerman, Suzuki Violin and Guitar faculty. Photo by Pam Wong

We hope you all had a great time, and look forward to celebrating Dr. Suzuki’s Birthday again next year!

Suzuki families celebrating Dr. Suzuki’s birthday. Photo by Pam Wong