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Parent Classes

The Suzuki program builds on the principle that if surrounded by a nurturing environment, all children can master music just as they learn their mother tongue.

The Suzuki Method is recognized worldwide as a highly effective approach for teaching children the language of music. Generations of students have begun a lifelong journey of musical enrichment through this approach. the Suzuki program at the conservatory offers programs in violin, viola, cello, guitar, piano, and bass. the curriculum incorporates three elements that provide the essentials needed for instrumental music education: private lessons, theory classes, and group classes. Parent involvement is an integral component of the Suzuki approach. Parents learn and practice alongside the child, functioning as role models and providing encouragement.

Suzuki is an annual program which requires a full-year commitment. Children ages 3.5 and up are eligible to participate.

Program Structure for Beginning Students

Note: For the first six weeks of classes, parents attend ALL classes without the children. 

Private Lesson 30 Minutes – Weekly (parent/child attend)
Group Class  30 Minutes – Weekly (parent/child attend)
Theory Class 30 Minutes – Weekly (parent/child attend)
Parents’ Class 60 Minutes – Weekly/1st semester only (parents only)  

In the Suzuki Program, children learn to play their instrument as they learn their mother tongue – from a young age, through immersion in a musical environment, and with the encouragement of their parents. Through parent participation, group classes, private lessons, and music literacy, we create a fun, supportive & nurturing environment in which all children are successful. Children will not only learn to play their instrument, but also will build self-confidence, develop good learning habits, gain camaraderie with their peers, and nurture their love of music and the world around them.


Full Suzuki package

Includes private lessons, group instrumental class and theory class, two recitals and two festival concerts. Prices for the current school year, for 30 weeks:

30-minute lesson package $3,372.00
45-minute lesson package $3,780.00
60-minute lesson package $4,158.00
75-minute lesson package $4,662.00
90-minute lesson package $5,229.90

Additional Fees

$210 Materials Fee: includes Puppy Pack, Suzuki Book 1 and CD, Helping Parents Practice, Nurtured by Love, and parent information materials.

$35 Registration Fee: The Registration Fee is charged upon registration. This fee is paid once per family per school year.

$35 Payment Plan Fee: If you choose to enroll in one of our payment plan options, you will be charged the payment plan fee which is paid once per family per year.

Supplementary and/or Parent Lessons

Additional private lessons outside of the package. Prices per lesson.
30-minute lesson $75.60
45-minute lesson $99.75
60-minute lesson $117.60
75-minute lesson $134.40


Suzuki Early Childhood Education classes (SECE)

Schedule for Fall 2021 forthcoming! Click here for more information regarding our four Summer Thursdays SECE.

The class runs September – June, but families may register one semester at a time. $550 per 15 week semester.

Online classes are up and running! Please join us for a free trial class by calling our Registration Desk at 718-622-3300.

Suzuki Early Childhood Music is offered in two 15-week sessions, with rolling admissions. tuition will be prorated for families joining mid-semester.

Mondays and Saturday Mornings
Tuition: $550/semester

If you have any questions regarding Financial Aid or would like to joining the SECE Interest List, please contact julianne.carney@bkcm.org.

For online classes, parents/caregivers and children will need these simple items:
small ball for rolling, scarf for twirling, drum, small stuffed animal, and a crown/tiara/hat.

During each class, teachers will lead families through a curriculum of songs, rhymes, and activities designed to keep children engaged in a calm, focused environment. Taking turns and collaborating on familiar activities will continue to develop social skills and connection even while learning online!
Teachers will make use of various instruments such as the triangle, xylophone, woodblock, and drums to enhance and nurture the foundational development of pitch and rhythm necessary to begin private instrumental study when they are older. The occasional guest may even demonstrate an instrument from our Suzuki Instrumental Program!

Familes should begin listening to the SECE reference recordings…
Week 1 Curriculum
Week 2 Curriculum


Prospective Parent Orientation for Suzuki Program

Thank you for your interest in our program!

To register for the required parent orientations for 2021-2022, please call registration staff to register starting in December at 718-622-3300.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021 @ 8 PM via Zoom

Please be advised that space will most likely be limited in some instruments.

In the meantime, I highly recommend our Suzuki Early Childhood Education classes, being held on Monday and Saturday mornings, for age 0 – 4.

Our knowledgeable registration staff can tell you more.

Orientation will be held online via Zoom; families will receive a link to the meeting in late January. The orientation meeting is for PARENTS ONLY. Please make arrangements to participate in the meeting without interruptions.

You must arrive on time and stay for the entire orientation to be eligible for the program.

During the orientation, the Suzuki Director will discuss the Suzuki philosophy, educational approach, and the important role parents play in the child’s progress. Attendees will also be informed of scheduling requirements and what to expect during the first semester. Orientation is one hour, including Q & A.

Following the orientation, families will be eligible to sign up for an intake interview. Attendance to the orientation is required in order to attend an intake interview.

Enrollment in the Suzuki Program is first-come/first served, with popular instruments filling up quickly. Registration for the program will start in June.

The BKCM Suzuki Program is happy to announce the availability of Financial Aid for 2021-2022! Please email julianne.carney@bkcm.org for more information on our application process.

Suzuki Parent Information

Family Policies

Your child’s success in our program depends on good attendance in all classes. Students who attend all of their classes have an infinitely more positive and successful experience

a. If you will be absent for a lesson or class, call or email your teacher, and call the registration desk. Teachers will give you their preferred contact info.

b. Participation in festival concerts and recitals is required.

c. We may revoke your enrollment in the program for excessive absence:

i. Three consecutive absences from private lessons without notice.

ii. More than six absences from any one class.

d. Arrive 5 minutes before all classes! (Five minutes early is on time!) Late arrivals disrupt the flow of class.

e. Students who do not attend group class regularly may not be allowed to participate in major events. This is to ensure that all students have a positive performing experience.

Due to the intensive nature of the Suzuki Division’s schedule, no make ups for private lessons will be given. There are no make ups for group or theory. Any lessons or classes missed by a teacher will be made up or a sub will be provided. The last Sunday of the year is reserved for Group/Theory make up classes in case of teacher absence, and is the final of 30 private lessons for students with Sunday lessons.

To ensure all students have a positive experience:

a. Every child is required to perform at each recital. Some beginners may need an exception for their first or second semester, which must be approved by the director.

b. Beginners typically take a bow for their first recital. Teachers assist young children on stage.

c. Students do not perform their most recently learned pieces. Teachers make the final decision regarding recital pieces.

Group & Theory are a critical component of our program. Students remain in their assigned group & theory class for the entire year. It is a desirable feature of the method for students to experience being “challenged” by their group and to be a “leader” of their group over the course of several years in the Suzuki program. Students learn valuable skills from both positions. Please remember that the Group Class titles are approximate and might not precisely describe where your child is for the entire year.

a. If there are any concerns, call, email, or talk in person with your teacher (not in front of children). If you don’t feel comfortable talking with your teacher, please email or call your Department Head.

b. Please do not wait until the end of the year to bring up a problem! Any discussions should take place as soon as possible so that we can resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

c. Any changes to your schedule must be approved by the Division Director. Changes to schedules will be made only at the semester break, and are made only in exceptional circumstances. Please be aware that any changes involve significant administrative time, and affect many other people.

d. Changing teachers is a delicate subject. Your teacher cares very much about you and your child. Requests to change teachers are to be considered in the most careful way.

(by appointment only)

Monday-Thursday: 9 AM – 2 PM
Sunday: 9 AM – 10:30 AM

It is expected that students will continue in the program for the full school-year. Schedules remain the same from September – June. All withdrawal requests must be submitted in writing to the Registration Office. If a family encounters an emergency which requires withdrawing the child from the Conservatory, the Conservatory will make a tuition refund on a pro-rated basis, within the first three weeks of the school year only. See Registration Form for further financial policies.

a. Parents are the “Suzuki Secretary”. At times, teachers will invite you to participate in the lesson. Otherwise, please actively listen, take good notes, and audio/video record the lesson.

b. We follow the “One Teacher at a Time” principle. Any commentary (positive or negative) or physical gestures from parents will divide the child’s attention, so please refrain from doing so during lessons or classes. Questions are encouraged, but please wait for a pause in the lesson. Inform your teacher you have a question, and he/she will either answer it then, or make time before the end of the lesson.

c. Don’t use cell phones during classes unless you’re taking an audio/video recording.

a. Eating food in classrooms is not allowed. Please have children eat snacks before or after classes,preferably in the hallways or outside. Be sure to clean up after yourself. Exceptions should be discussed with your teacher IN ADVANCE, not when your child is hungry & asking for the snack.

b. Please do not wear perfume to classes – many people have allergies

c. Arrive 5 minutes early to your class, and do the following prior to your lesson time:

i. Take off coats, sweatshirts, gloves, hats, and scarves.

ii. Trim fingernails

iii. Go to the bathroom

iv. Wash hands

v. Have a drink of water

vi. Finish any snacks prior to the lesson, and wash hands again

vii. Prepare your instrument for the lesson (tune, rosin, shoulder rest, etc.)

viii. Review notes from last lesson, and review any important questions for your teacher

ix. Help child find a calm center

d. Ask your teacher whether to wait in hall at your lesson time, to knock, or to enter the room. Each teacher has his/her own preferences.

e. In order to support the Suzuki Triangle of child, parent, and teacher, please speak in a language your teacher understands during class time.

f. If you must send a non-Suzuki parent or other caregiver to a lesson, notify your teacher in advance, and keep to a maximum of four times per year. Provide video-taking and note-taking capability, and advise the caregiver about the “One Teacher at a Time” policy and classroom etiquette.

(as discussed in First Year Parent’s Class)

  • Attend parent’s class during the first semester, and continue in role of Suzuki
  • Parent for the duration of child’s Suzuki experience.
  • Suzuki Parent (the one who attended the Parent’s Class) must attend all classes and take notes
  • Ensure that student listens to the CD every day at home
  • Practice every day at home with the child, using positive language strategies learned in parent’s class
  • Obtain required materials and bring them to class every week
  • Read and follow the Suzuki Division Family Policies
  • If sending an alternate caregiver, notify your teacher in advance, keeping such instances to an absolute minimum
  • Keep a sense of humor, and model this for your children
  • Keep an open dialogue with your teacher in order to problem solve together

The Suzuki Parent is the parent who attended parent classes, accompanies the child to lessons, communicates with the teacher, and works with the child at home. You are the container of information!

If a spouse wants or needs to take over the duties of the Suzuki parent, they must attend a full semester of Parent Class.

We teachers know that you work very hard in your role as a Suzuki parent, and all of us have immense respect for your dedication. We have an incredible Suzuki community here at the Brooklyn Conservatory for which we are all very grateful. Let’s work together to continue to build a life-long musical journey for you and your children. As Suzuki said, “Music Polishes The Heart.”


Absences from individual lessons: THERE WILL BE NO MAKEUPS FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR OF 2014-2015. If the student is unable to attend a lesson, the school or teacher must be notified 24 hours in advance. If a student is absent for three consecutive weeks without notice, the student will be considered withdrawn and will forfeit the lesson time. Missed lessons due to the teacher’s absence are always made up. Makeups are not given for student absences at group class sessions.

Tuition is non-refundable after July 1. Prior to July 1, 10% of tuition plus fees are withheld. Refunds take 4-8 weeks to be processed.

The following are nonrefundable fees, which are assessed in additional to lesson and class tuition: Registration fee: $35 paid once per school year (fall and spring semesters) per family account. Payment plan fee: $25 per year. Returned check fee: $30. Late payment fee: $30.

Brooklyn Conservatory of Music reserves the right to cancel a class due to insufficient enrollment. After 4 weeks, permission is required from the instructor to join a class. If a class is cancelled, you will receive a pro-rated refund for the remaining sessions. Registration and installment fees (if any) will also be refunded to students not enrolled in other lessons or classes. Refunds take 12–16 weeks to be processed.

The Conservatory bases its school cancellations on the NYC Public school system, therefore, if NYC public schools close due to inclement weather, the Conservatory will also be closed. Students are responsible for checking the news reports for this information and if unsure, can call the school to check on closure status. Any classes or lessons canceled by the Conservatory will be made up during Makeup week at the end of the semester.

The Conservatory is not responsible for personal property lost or damaged on our premises. A Lost & Found collection area is maintained and if a student believes that property has been lost on the premises they should contact the registration staff. Items remaining in the Lost & Found for more than one month will be discarded.

The student is responsible for providing his or her own music books, sheet music, instruments, and materials except where additional material fees have been charged with the class fee.

The Conservatory may use a photograph or video of you and/or your child as part of publicity and promotional materials