Obtaining Instruments

Instrument Information

The Suzuki Parent should order a 3⁄4 size bass with GERMAN bow from Johnson Strings to be delivered by the first day of the semester, for 6 months.

DO NOT order an instrument for your child. Your teacher will size your child before the children start their lessons in November.

Johnson Strings makes monthly trips to BKCM. Their delivery (service) trips are listed here.  Instruments can be picked up in the afternoon of the day of the delivery. The phone number for Johnson Strings is (800) 359-9351.

For small basses, contact Johnson Strings or Gene Rebeck: (517) 896-2788.

Bass Rental Rates – including insurance (as of Jan 2019):

6 Months = $474 for Adult 3/4 size

Beginner (ex. 1/10 size) 12 months = $474 from Johnson Strings