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On Suzuki method and methodology

It’s important to remind ourselves of these core teachings from Dr. Suzuki (courtesy of The following article outlines some things to keep in mind within the Suzuki Triangle (teacher, parent, child)    

Suzuki Early Childhood Education: What About the Parents?

This article outlines some thoughtful concepts that parents can keep in mind as their child begins music instruction in Suzuki Early Childhood Education. 20 Important Concepts Parents Learn in Suzuki ECE  

Paper chain for each day of practice

Paper chain for each day of practice

Suzuki students are hard at work prior to the big festival concert on January 29. Each link of this paper chain represents a day of practice for a student. 

Freakonomics Podcast: How to Become Great at Just About Anything

How to Become Great at Just About Anything

Article: Finger Warm-up Exercises


Coloring Sheets

This is a great collection of coloring sheets, many music themed.    

Article: How Playing Music Changes the Learning Brain

Unpacking the Science: How Playing Music Changes the Learning Brain

Suzuki Recordings

iTunes Suzuki Bass School, Vol. 1 by Gary Karr Suzuki Cello School, Vols. 1 & 2 by Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi Suzuki Guitar School, Vol. 1 by William Kossler Suzuki Piano School, Vol. 1 by Seizo Azuma Suzuki Violin School, Vol. 1 by William Preucil Amazon Suzuki Bass School, Vol 1: Bass Part, Book & CD Revised…

Newtonian cello class

Newtonian cello class

Their cello teacher suggested an experiment with gravity…

Practice while on vacation

Practice while on vacation

Here is Gertrude practicing on a very old, completely out of tune piano on an estancia in San Antonio de Areco, Argentina. Bundled up against the cold, but happy to have found a piano.

Practicing while on vacation

Practicing while on vacation

You can practice while on vacation! Here are Lou and Leo playing outside of Château Carcassone in France.

Musical Monkeys

Musical Monkeys

Ideas for daily practice! Practice with the help of The Musical Monkeys — a website with diverse and interesting practice challenges.

Practice for Winter Holidays

Christmas star~ A fun incentive/challenge for the weeks before Christmas: black and white star cutout glued on red card stock, cut out a tad bit larger around. Students color one facet of the star for every time they practice. Give them one focus area per week, split in three steps. When they prove they have…

The Amazing Slow Downer App

This app slows down any music on your phone or computer without changing the pitch! It’s called “The Amazing Slow Downer” ($15)