Obtaining Instruments

Guitar Instrument Information

Student Guitars

DO NOT buy a guitar for you child without consulting with your teacher!

Measuring for a guitar:

With your child standing up, measure the distance from their bellybutton to the floor.
Email this measurement to your teacher.
Your teacher will then decide your child’s correct guitar size and tell you where to acquire it. Many times families within the Guitar program have instruments available for sale when their child is moving to another size.

We recommend:

Benjamin Garcia and Francisco Navarro Guitars

These Guitars are available for sale from:

Brent Weaver (651) 643-0762,

Brent Weaver is a Suzuki Guitar teacher in Minnesota. He personally selects and sets up the Garcia and Navarro guitars.

**Resale of student guitars is facilitated by the Guitar Department, so that changing sizes is easy and affordable.**

Parent Guitars

The Suzuki Parent should purchase a guitar for him/herself to be delivered by first day of the semester.

All guitars must be a nylon string CLASSICAL guitar, with a *solid* cedar or spruce soundboard.

If you have small hands, order a 63.6cm guitar
If you have large hands, order a full size.

If you can’t find a suitable guitar, we recommend:

Rubin Flores: (562) 598-9800,

Parents should also purchase an ErgoPlay Professional Guitar Support. These can be found here.

Stools, Tuners and Guitar Supports

Recommended Stool

When measuring students for stools, the students knees should be at a 90º angle. Folding stools come in different heights, are lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to transport.

Guitar students are required to bring their own stools to classes. This ensures that students have the correct height stool at home to practice as well as during classes.

Recommended tuners

Kliq Ubertuner

There are MANY inexpensive clip on tuners that are of poor quality, break easily, and are inaccurate. Do not buy one of these tuners! We recommend the Kliq Ubertuner which can be found here.

Recommended guitar supports

Guitar supports are essential. They help the student hold the guitar at the proper angle. There are many different models of guitar supports. Your teacher will advise you on which option is the best for your student.

Guitar Pre Twinkle Demonstration Videos

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Guitar Events

Nothing from March 27, 2023 to March 27, 2026.